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How's it going everyone, I hope life's good. I never thought I'd be in the position where my music would be heard by as many people as it has since I started releasing music. Life's so strange I grew up in a position where I didn't have much and unfortunately I learned to give up before trying. I'm 27 as of april 9th 2021, but I've been a musician since I first picked up the guitar at 9. For lack of better words I fell in love with sounds, they took me away from my mental prison and my physical disabilities. I may have been bedridden most days, but I could always reach for my guitar and feel free. Those moments may have been brief but they helped me more than I can word. It wasn't long after that that I got my first digital piano, after that a violin, the list goes on and on haha. We may not have had much but my mom always believed in me and saw how much music helped me so even though it was silly she would pawn her jewelry just to make sure I could have those instruments. She's always been on mys side through thick and thin but I really need to be on her side now that she's getting older and now that I'm also getting older. I could ramble on some more but I'll save that for another day, to all of those that enjoy my music thank you so much for the support over the last year. Everyday is a learning experience and I hope you will continue to love the music I make. To those that don't like my music but still gave it a listen, thank you for giving it a try, hopefully 1 day I can make something you enjoy. Alright I'm done for now, stay safe everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! Take care, YSL a.k.a. Leshay Simmons

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