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Feels Like I'm Gone EP

Mid to late 2021

YSL introducing brand new EP release, Feels Like I'm Gone. YSL is back on the scene with yet another stunning EP release: Feels Like I'm Gone. This project sets the bar higher in terms of production aesthetics, and it gives the audience a unique insight into the artist’s creativity and vision. The act took important notes from influential artists such as Ed Sheeran, Mod Sun, Damien Rice, Ben Howard, XXXTENTACION and Charlie Puth, but they certainly did not stop there. In fact, YSL managed to develop a spicy and interesting personal sound, with shades of acoustic, indie-pop, and even modern R&B influences. The artist’s most recent studio release, Feels Like I'm Gone, is a wonderfully produced EP which features four tracks, including the title song itself. Each song is masterfully crafted, and it connects with the audience through meaningful lyrics and beautiful arrangement ideas. The instrumentals are perfectly balanced, with a great combination of acoustic guitars and other sounds to add some depth and richness. The arrangements are very direct, and the EP follows the “less is more” philosophy by keeping things simple. You don’t need to over embellish stuff when you have great songs on tap! This release is a perfect example of how to use simplicity in order to go very far creatively, coming up with exciting and intriguing material that reaches far deeper than most glossy over-productions would. At the end of the day, great music is all about its essence, and Feels Like I'm Gone is an example of what YSL can seamlessly accomplish as an artist. Find out more about YSL and do not pass up on the artist’s exciting new music, including their most recent release, Feels Like I'm Gone

Summer Tour Dates Released

ETA Late 2021 - Early 2022

I'm excited to announce my newest project titled, "Tantrum"

I plan on releasing it late 2021 if their are any delays I'll keep you all posted

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